limited edition designed for DEKNUDT MIRRORS


"Mirrors. They confront you with too bitter a reality. They even scare me. When the leading Belgian mirror manufacturer Deknudt Mirrors invited a number of designers to create a new collection of mirrors, Reflect!. I came up with an idea that expressed this horror and at the same time tried to temper the hard and implacable image. The surface of my mirror is pierced with a regular grid of small holes and lit from behind by a Led light-source. What remains is an image in pixels, like small polka dots. It gives you every time the choice : do I want to see myself or the light. The dots soften the traces of fatigue and age, while the daily confrontation also forces you to ‘reflect’ on your reflection. The mirror makes it very clear that we always have to glue these pixels together to come to a whole, a vision that remains an illusion."