limited edition designed for VITEO OUTDOORS


"Minimalism is almost exclusively associated with straight lines and angles. I’ve never understood this, and certainly not the dogma that says that curvy lines cannot be used. Look at an egg: isn’t that the most perfect minimal form? My minimalism is essentially a curvy one, organic, natural and welcoming, not intimidating. The lines are dynamic, not static. The idea of inciting movement always stood central in my designs. When Viteo asked me to do a daybed, I went for a waterbed that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The form of its white polyester base was inspired by one of the most simple and familiar water containers one can imagine: a soup plate. The inner section has a layer of foamed plastic at the bottom, covered with a bag that is filled with water, and on top of that there’s a 5 cm thick overlay made from outdoor leather. This overlay consists of three triangles that are equal in size which forms a circle. The paradox here is that the bed gives you the feeling of being on an island, away from the maddening crowd whilst bobbing up and down the calm waters of a deep blue sea, but instead the water is inside the island and not surrounding it."

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