studio danny venlet


Part of the group show 'Family Affairs' at the Brussels arts center Bozar in Brussels (Belgium), and the group show 'Kunstlerbrüder' in Haus der Kunst in Munich (Germany)

Design team : Erik & Harald Thys + Richard & Danny Venlet

"My brother Richard and I were separated several times during our youth, because of the roaming of our family and a divorce, but we always remained pretty close. As an artist he’s not forced to come up with a solution with every new project: holding a mirror to the public can be enough. But CarMausoleum, in collaboration with another duo from the arts world, the brothers Erik & Harald Thys, comes pretty close to a real solution to a real problem. The installation was created for Family Affairs, an exhibition that focused on brothers and sisters in art, from early history till today. The car serves as a backdrop and platform for some of the most important episodes in our lives. As a result, many have a close emotional bond with their car that is comparable to that of a family member. And yet: there’s no graveyard where we can preserve and visit them, once they’re out of function. Cars are a typical victim of consumer society. We therefore proposed a model for a CarMausoleum, where one would be able to stock his beloved car, in concrete niches that measured 5 by 3,4 and 2 m. The niches would be stacked on top of each other, creating a giant wall or monument, preferably in natural surroundings, next to a river or on a meadow. It could expand endlessly and soon take up the size of a suburb, while all niches would be open at both ends so that the cars would be clearly visible."

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logo designed for the belgian fair "designbrussels"

"The logo for the designbrussels event, a three-dimensional box or can, grew out of an architectural element in the form of a cross that had been part of the plans for the Brussels Design District (BDD), two years earlier. BDD was meant to become a giant and permanent platform for design, starting with one floor of 40000 m2 in the Brussels Trade Mart complex, near the Atomium, as an initiative of the American Tramwell Crow group. The architectural element had to link the corridors, while its form partly referred to the cross-pollination between all thinkable fields in design."



concept designed for DELVAUX

"Famous Belgian manufacturer of handbags and other leather accessories, Delvaux, celebrated its 175th anniversary. An equal number of artists were therefore asked to do something with the leftovers of the materials used for their designs. The results would be compiled in a book. I started from a double idea. First: a handbag is something to show off. And second: you never find something in a bag when you need it. So I proposed to create an inverted handbag: with all the objects that are normally inside the bag, attached to the outside. In this one-off the objects were covered with a coating."


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concept designed for "De mooiste wijnkelders ter wereld"

("The most beautiful wine cellars in the world" published by VdH Books)