hair salon in downtown Brussels (Belgium)

Brussels Wallpaper* City Guide: ”Renowned for his precise cuts, Belgian stylist Jean-Luc Savage, who is also art director for product line Tigi in Belgium, sees himself as an architect of hair. The all-white interior of his eponymous, unisex salon, designed by Danny Venlet in 2009, is just as strictly defined. Venlet created a tri-spoke, lacquered table without footrests that seems to float above the floor. The table is topped with unusually small mirrors, meaning that customers sitting either side of each spoke are less confronted by themselves, and more by each other and the streetscapes of Place Sainte-Catherine. Defining the space is a hanging fringe of white threads, cut by the shaven-headed Savagan, that spirals in a mimicry of the sculptural table beneath.”

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