designed for VITEO

"I was born in Australia, from Dutch parents. I studied in Belgium, returned to Australia to establish myself as an interior architect and designer, and came back to Brussels where I have been living and working until now. Belgium and Australia are opposites in many other aspects. The fact that I am an offspring of both worlds is seen by many as the main explanation for my urge to turn things upside down, or inside out. This Shower is often quoted as the best example of my topsy-turvydom as it reinvents the shower experience. People often overlook the fact that, just like most of my other designs, the Shower mainly results from a very logical and practical thinking; in this case the fact that the standard garden hose that provides the water is lying on the ground. It would be a waste to divert the water upwards before using it. That goes against my philosophy, which is to strive for a maximum effect with a minimum of means. Moreover, most showers that conduct water upwards have the habit of standing askew, which does not look really nice. When people step on the white round base which – apart from the hose – is the only element of this shower, the body of the user immediately activates a mechanism that produces a great number of fine soft water jets that come from little holes along the periphery of this platform. The jets can reach up to 4 m high – depending on the weight of the user – before falling gently down towards the middle. The result is something halfway between a fountain, a water column and a gentle summer rain. It is a sensual experience and was never intended as an alternative to an indoor shower, but rather as a tool for refreshment, to rinse off the sweat and dirt near the pool, in the garden or on a jetty or patio. Inspiration came by observing typical outdoor activities, such as children jumping on boulders, or in puddles. What I particularly like about the Shower is that from a minimalist point of view, it is probably my purest design, and therefore paradoxically is almost reduced to a non-design as it nearly becomes invisible."